Pot of Gold Life

rainbow 1

Photographic proof – we have a “pot of gold” life. It has been another great week here on Sail Syzygy. After two very windy days spent bouncing around the boat at mooring, we now have some “lets sail” days. We plan on a sail today out past Beavertail light and around RWNB, our favorite buoy. Yesterday we took some time out to swim off the stern of the boat and the water was a very nice temperature. Just the right amount of nip in it. Nothing says sailing in New England like a chilly swim in the water. When the girls …

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Muscles, Memories, Responsibilities and Helicopters – Oh my!

Dutch Harbor Boat Yard

We started sailing over twenty years ago at an age when most people start to think about giving it up. It has been a wonderful adventure for us. The first week is always the hardest. Muscles have to be re-set, memory has to be re-called, balance has to be re-coordinated, dietary considerations become complicated. Did we bring enough warm clothes? Did we bring too many warm clothes? On a boat there is no room for un-needed items. Life, and especially life on a sailboat is based upon knowing responsibilities, predicting the unpredictable and solving problems. One must know which way …

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Let the Summer Fun Begin

Birds sitting on pier posts

Well we have been on-board for a week now and all is well. After waking up from our spring nap we have been busy getting everything all set for enjoying life on the water. The dinghy is all attached, the wine is stored (well except for those bottles we have already enjoyed) and we have meet our new neighbors (see picture). It seems they have been enjoying a bit of a family reunion this week but as long as they are not falling off the posts I guess we can’t complain. (Evening’s comment: If you are near my parent’s stop by …

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Preparing for summer

asleep on the hammock

Hello friends, as you can see we are busy preparing for our summer aboard Sail Syzygy. This web site is designed and maintained by our daughter Evening Dupre. We will update her with photos, stories and more as the summer goes on. Be sure to check back to see where our adventures have taken us. If you would like help with your own WordPress web site let us know and we can get her in contact with you. Here’s to living the life we love (as soon as we wake up!!).  

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