Preparing for summer

asleep on the hammock

Hello friends, as you can see we are busy preparing for our summer aboard Sail Syzygy. This web site is designed and maintained by our daughter Evening Dupre. We will update her with photos, stories and more as the summer goes on. Be sure to check back to see where our adventures have taken us. If you would like help with your own WordPress web site let us know and we can get her in contact with you.

Here’s to living the life we love (as soon as we wake up!!).



  1. Mom & Dad says:

    Great job Evening! Thanks…

  2. Erwin says:

    Very good start!
    I will keep looking where you are sailing to. And for your new adventures.
    Although the hammock picture is very inviting, there should be more to come.

    Best regards and happy sailing
    Erwin and Ingrid

    P.S: If you need pictures of sun or moonsets have a look at my flickr albums

    1. Mom & Dad says:

      Erwin – that’s some kinda beautiful photographs…..super well done!!!
      Carl & Jule

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