Pot of Gold Life

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Photographic proof – we have a “pot of gold” life.

It has been another great week here on Sail Syzygy. After two very windy days spent bouncing around the boat at mooring, we now have some “lets sail” days. We plan on a sail today out past Beavertail light and around RWNB, our favorite buoy.

Yesterday we took some time out to swim off the stern of the boat and the water was a very nice temperature. Just the right amount of nip in it. Nothing says sailing in New England like a chilly swim in the water. When the girls were young we always ended bath time with a cup of cold water poured over their heads – to make their hair shine, we told them. OK I don’t know if that is actual scientific fact or not (shh don’t tell them) but I guess we are continuing the tradition and swimming in chilly water to give our hair a bit of shine (or what is left of our hair). At least that is what we are telling people when they comment on how chilly the water is in New England.

The sunsets have been beautiful – Dutch harbor has the best sunsets on the bay!

(Evening’s note – Wait the cold water to make the hair shine is not scientific fact?? OK I kinda knew that but I just had to go looking for some pictures I remember from when I was a kid with my sister and I in the bath tub. I also found a photo gem of my sister pouring ocean water over her head at Hampton Beach. Both pictures are from the seventies. I thought they fit in nicely with my parent’s post for this week.)


  1. Mom & Dad says:

    it’s as scientific as the simple fact that when you wash your car, it rains. Proven over and over again in the lab of life…..LOL

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