“Get ahead” week on-board

sunset in August

Well it was a real “get ahead” week here on Sail Syzygy. Basically the week started with a head (aka toilet for any landlubbers) issue. This involved a concern with the macerator. Luckily we were able to get everything all flowing before it became a really crappy situation. Of course when I sent a text to our daughter about the issue the auto correct came out with a “mascara toe” problem. To say the least she was a bit confused and was wondering why we were putting make up on our feet.

We were able to get in a few lovely sails this week. Most of the sails were fantastic although we did have one interesting return to Dutch Harbor. Basically the current and the wind were fighting each other and Sail Syzygy was stuck in the middle. Along with the continued breathtaking sunsets we also enjoyed a great lunch at a restaurant in Jamestown called J22. We don’t eat out very often so when we do it is actually note worthy (or I guess post worthy would be a better statement).

The upcoming week should be busy. We have our friends Scott and Abigail coming for dinner on Wednesday. We meet them nine years ago when Scott kayaked by our boat and said Hi. There is a real connection between water people and sometimes all it takes is a Hi to become great friends.

Our daughter (yes the ones that does the website for us) will be visiting us this weekend so you can count on some good pictures next week. We are hoping we can get out for a sail with her but even if we can’t sail it will be great having her on the boat. It has been about 5-6 years since she last came on-board. We just need to remember to pick up a few beers for her as she has not yet discovered the natural healing powers of wine.

Off to put air in the dinghy!


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