End of Summer

Grilling on board

Well it is official. Our summer living on-board Syzygy has come to an end. With the storm treat 10 days ago we decided to pull the boat. Although we are sad to see the summer come to an end the fall has some great adventures in store for us. We are off to Yellowstone for 10 days. We will be doing some fantastic guided tours with many opportunities for wildlife photographs and spending time exploring on our own. We went to Yellowstone about a year and a half ago and we are very much looking forward to this trip. We got a new camera that we are excited to “test out” and more importantly we are thankful that we are healthy and active enough to do these types of trips. We will be posting stories of our adventures and many photos when we return.

Although the summer ended a bit earlier then we might have planned it was a blessing in disguise. About 48 hours after arriving home we had to bring our daughter (yes the one that does this website) to the hospital for emergency gallbladder removal surgery. Thanks to modern surgical procedures she was back home and recovering quickly the next morning. Our other daughter had the same procedure done about 20 years ago (prior to laparoscopic surgery) and she was 3 days in the hospital. We were all relieved with how well this surgery went and how quickly she was able to get back to normal everyday activities.

Oh and one of the first “off boat” chores we had to attend to was to deflate the dinghy. Yes we actually deflated it on purpose instead of having it deflate on its own.


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