Dutch Harbor, where our boat is moored, is great for wildlife viewing. One of our favorites is the Osprey.  Note the talons for catching fish.  The Osprey circle about 20 feet above the water looking for fish.  Suddenly they will just old up their wings and plummet into the water.  Then they struggle back up into the air, often with a fish in their talons.  Osprey are still listed as an endangered species, but there are several nests on the island, and always young birds every year.

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Syzygy is In the Water


Syzygy was finally launched on June 12 at Clark Boatyard.  We got on board on June 14 and and checked out everything.  The anchor light and steaming light did not work, but we don’t use either one very often; figure them out later.  Everything that we really need worked first try, even the radar and the wind instrument, which are the most complex electrical hookups, and the most common source of problems.  On June 15, we brought her around the island to our Dutch Harbor mooring.  DH Boatyard had installed the wrong mooring lines, but we got that straightened out …

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