On Board and First Sail


We moved on board for the summer non July 1.  We spent that day with friends in Jamestown.  After checking the boat out thoroughly and getting settled on board for the summer, we went for our first sail on July 5.  It was a light air day, which allowed us an “on the wind” opportunity to make certain that the sails and rigging were all set right.  Got up to 6 knots with a 10 knot wind.  Just a delightful first sail.  That was repeated with a nearly identical sail on July 6.  A great start to the summer.  Today, …

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Spring 2017 Is Here

Spring Ritual

That means getting the boat ready…..and that means painting the bottom.  Bottom paint keeps away all of the hitchhiking critters, flora and fauna, that love to attach to the bottom of the boat.  It’s a bit of a nasty job, but it has to be done.  At least there are now water-based bottom paints available, and we don’t deal with the smelly solvents any more.  In spite of all the rain this spring, the job is done.   As of today (June 11), the bottom is done, the water system is cleaned, the mast is up, the boat yard has …

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End of Summer

Grilling on board

Well it is official. Our summer living on-board Syzygy has come to an end. With the storm treat 10 days ago we decided to pull the boat. Although we are sad to see the summer come to an end the fall has some great adventures in store for us. We are off to Yellowstone for 10 days. We will be doing some fantastic guided tours with many opportunities for wildlife photographs and spending time exploring on our own. We went to Yellowstone about a year and a half ago and we are very much looking forward to this trip. We …

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Weekend with our daughter


We had a wonderful weekend with our daughter, Evening, on-board. After she finally managed to get through the horrific traffic jam on the Mass Pike (what should have been a 2.5 hour drive took her 6 hours), she was finally able to put her feet in the ocean for the first time time in over 6 years.  We had a relaxing early Friday dinner at J22 in Jamestown and then walked to Island Scoop for a tasty dish of black raspberry ice cream. I remember introducing Evening to black raspberry ice cream when she was still a babe in my …

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“Get ahead” week on-board

sunset in August

Well it was a real “get ahead” week here on Sail Syzygy. Basically the week started with a head (aka toilet for any landlubbers) issue. This involved a concern with the macerator. Luckily we were able to get everything all flowing before it became a really crappy situation. Of course when I sent a text to our daughter about the issue the auto correct came out with a “mascara toe” problem. To say the least she was a bit confused and was wondering why we were putting make up on our feet. We were able to get in a few …

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A Few Days at Home

restocking the wine

It was time to take care of some “land life” duties so we spend a few days at our house in Amherst. Those duties included laundry (lots of laundry), paying bills, reading the large pile of mail, seeing the kids (both human and canine), and of the utmost importance – restocking the wine supply for the boat. Carl very carefully wrapped each bottle individually in bubble wrap. Now all we have to do is get the 4 large canvas bags and 1 box (containing over 30 bottles of that wonderful beverage) onto the boat safely. After a few days of …

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Pot of Gold Life

rainbow 1

Photographic proof – we have a “pot of gold” life. It has been another great week here on Sail Syzygy. After two very windy days spent bouncing around the boat at mooring, we now have some “lets sail” days. We plan on a sail today out past Beavertail light and around RWNB, our favorite buoy. Yesterday we took some time out to swim off the stern of the boat and the water was a very nice temperature. Just the right amount of nip in it. Nothing says sailing in New England like a chilly swim in the water. When the girls …

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Muscles, Memories, Responsibilities and Helicopters – Oh my!

Dutch Harbor Boat Yard

We started sailing over twenty years ago at an age when most people start to think about giving it up. It has been a wonderful adventure for us. The first week is always the hardest. Muscles have to be re-set, memory has to be re-called, balance has to be re-coordinated, dietary considerations become complicated. Did we bring enough warm clothes? Did we bring too many warm clothes? On a boat there is no room for un-needed items. Life, and especially life on a sailboat is based upon knowing responsibilities, predicting the unpredictable and solving problems. One must know which way …

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