restocking the wine

With WINE there is LIFE

It is only appropriate that the life enhancing, earth given, beautiful beyond all beauty beverage known as WINE has its own page on our website. We have spent many years (and bottles) perfecting our wine skills and we look forward to sharing them with everyone.

We have noted this year that there is, we assume, a conspiracy in the wine industry to sneakily sell less wine for the same amount of money because there is definitely an abundance of defectively built bottles which run out of wine before we are ready to stop drinking it.

We have both an in-home wine cellar and of course an on-board cellar. We encourage you to “pick” a bottle from our on-line cellar and read a bit more about the heavenly tastes, smells, and joys of each bottle. Of course if you have any recommendations for a wine please let us know so we can add to our collection.

Do they have IV’s that dispense wine? Maybe Carl can work on that in his retirement.

Online Wine Cellar – select a bottle to learn more


Wine Cellar at Home
Our Wine Cellar at home. It is looking a bit low but it will be restocked shortly.
Wine Cellar on board Sail Syzygy
Wine Cellar on board Sail Syzygy